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King penguin & chick


December 22-January 6, 2016/17


Deposit: $750

Run in conjunction with Strabo Tours.
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**See itinerary below.

One flight to South America and
you get to photograph 2 special places!

Trip Highlights:
* Patagonia in summer is a photographer’s dream.
Tour cost includes: all flights from Santiago, Chile, to & within the Falkland Islands, & return to Santiago, Chile (current estimate $1875).
* King penguin colony is one of the largest colonies in the world.
* Lodges are close proximity of your photographic locations.
* Bleaker & Sea Lion Islands: photograph the Magellanic, Gentoo and Rockhopper penguins.
* Four days in Torres del Paine National Park - a world famous collection of granite spires, glaciers & lakes.
* Visit an Estancia for traditional Chilean lunch, and photograph this typical sheep-farming station.
* Boat trip on Lago Grey through the icy waters towards the impressive Grey Glacier.
December 22, 2016 Depart Home for Santiago, Chile
Flights from the U.S. or Canada are likely to arrive the next day December 23 in SCL. Due to the group flight departure December 24 fro SCL to Sea Lion Island, it is necessary to overnight in Santiago. Overnight HOLIDAY INN SANTIAGO AIRPORT HOTEL

If you would like to arrive early and spend sometime touring Santiago, prior to December 23, hotel options can be provided.
Shag & eggs
December 24-26: Sea Lion Island
There will be an internal flight today to Sea Lion Island. This island, the most southerly inhabited island of the Falklands group, is five miles long and just over a mile wide at its widest point, just the right size for exploring. The group will explore on foot, photographing Gentoo and Rockhopper penguins, there is even a large colony of Gentoo’s visible from the dining room window of the lodge.

Beautiful plantations of the spectacular tussac grass cover one fifth of the island and provide a perfect habitat and protection for much of the islands' varied fauna and wildlife, including elephant seals (the largest population on the Islands, with up to 1,800 seals) and sea lions. In addition, there are dazzling white sand beaches, cliffs, fresh water ponds and heath land, all with their own populations and all within walking distance. There are many different species of birds to be seen with 47 breeding birds which include five species of penguins and five birds of prey (including the Striated Caracara, one of the rarest birds of prey in the world). Pods of killer whales circle the Island in pursuit of the elephant seals and sea lions which breed here. Leopard seals and larger whales are also seen from time to time. Award-winning, world renowned photographers have adorned books and magazines with their prizewinning shots of the wild life on Sea Lion Island, but even with the most basic equipment you will take away shots to treasure.
Two overnights SEA LION LODGE (B, L, D both days)

Rockhopper penguin hopping
December 27 & 28: Bleaker Island
Situated toward the Southeast of East Falkland, Bleaker Island is a small working sheep farm. The Island itself is roughly 12 miles long, 1 mile at its widest and fairly flat making it an ideal location for clients looking for easy walks along the long sandy beaches. The island is home to a large colony of Rockhopper penguins, over 750 pairs, along with colonies of Magellanic and 1300 breeding pairs of Gentoo penguin. Long sweeping bays, tussac areas and ponds provide superb habitat for many other bird species, including both White tufted and Silver grebe and Black necked swans. An impressive colony of over 4,000 pairs of Imperial shag is within a few
minutes’ walk of the well kept settlement and your accommodation.
Two overnights CASSARD & COBB COTTAGES (B, L, D both days)
Gentoo penguin
December 29 & 30: East Falkland Island
Fly from Bleaker Island to Mt. Pleasant, Stanley.
Transfer to your accommodations, remainder of day free to explore the small colorful capital. Perhaps visit the excellent museum, walk the sea wall passing memorials and a visit to Christchurch Cathedral and Whalebone arch are some of the favorite sights. The next day enjoy a day trip to Volunteer Point to see some 1,500 King penguins, also Gentoo and Magellanic penguins nest here. The journey will take one and a half hours in a 4 x 4 vehicle on an un-surfaced road and one hour overland.
Overnight MALVINA HOUSE (B; B, picnic L)
Salto Grande & ranibow
December 31: Mt. Pleasant – Punta Arenas
A bus will pick you up midday for your return journey to Mount Pleasant, taking a group flight to Punta Arenas. A packed lunch can be bought from the lodge on request for this day – although you will have meals on Lan Chile and sandwiches can be bought in the airport lounge. Your guide will meet you at the Punta Arenas airport. This is Chile’s most southerly city and gateway for your explorations in Patagonia. From the air you will appreciate
how long and narrow this country is. Traveling south, and looking to the east, enjoy great views of the Andes; several of its volcanoes are quite active. At some point, you will see how the topography drastically changes and the country transforms into a mosaic of fjords, islands, and glaciers. This is Patagonia, the scenario for your photography outings during the following week.
Black-necked swans
January 1: Puerto Natales
Visit Estancia Cerro Negro, a typical working sheep-farming station, where you will enjoy a shearing and sheep dog show and a delicious Patagonian-style barbecue.
At the picturesque coastal town of Puerto Natales, we will enjoy gorgeous vistas of the Chilean fjords with stunning Black-necked Swans feeding along the shoreline.
Overnight REMOTA LODGE (B, L, D)
Guanacos & Torres
January 2 & 3: Torres del Paine - Eastern Sector
We will have two full days to explore Torres del Paine National Park and we will have early starts in order to be at locations to photograph the Paine Massif at dawn. Today and tomorrow we will concentrate in exploring the eastern region of this huge Biosphere Reserve, which
comprises a total of nearly 600,000 acres. At the eastern corner of Sarmiento Lake, we will reach locations that command the most incredible views of the towering peaks of Las Torres or the 'Towers', the pinnacles from which the park takes its name. As we move around the park, you shall observe confiding herds of Guanaco, most southerly camelid, the curious-looking Lesser Rhea and impressive Andean Condors soaring along the road. We will visit the eastern side of the park to enjoy the views of one of the impressive waterfalls of Paine river and if it is clear, of the fabulous granite columns of the Paine massif from Laguna Amarga and Azul. After our return to the hotel, enjoy dinner, and have an opportunity to photograph the mountains and clouds at sunset.
Overnight HOTEL LAS TORRES (B, L, D)
Lago Pehoe & Cuernos
January 4: Torres del Paine – Western Sector
Rise early this morning for sunrise photography, further exploration of the Eastern section. The flora is a very interesting subject for observation and photography. The park holds nearly 500 species of plants; the southern spring and early summer (mid October through late January) are great to see the myriad of flowers that bloom in these magnificent landscapes. End the day by driving to the Western Sector to explore further afield.
Overnight HOTEL PEHOE (B, L, D)
Grey Glacier
January 5: Lago Grey – Punta Arenas
'Lago Grey' will certainly be a highlight. Colossal icebergs are stranded on the southern shore of the lake after a long and slow transit from the glacier front. From this shore board the M/V Grey II, for a 3-hour excursion through the icy waters of the lake towards the impressive and actively calving front of the Grey Glacier. 'Grey' is one of the nearly 50 outlet glaciers which originate from the massive Southern Patagonian Ice Field, world's third largest after Antarctica and Greenland, and is one of the most beautiful and colorful in all Patagonia. The front is full of crevasses and the solid glacial ice colors vary from whitish to deep indigo. The glacier is flanked towards the east by impressive granite walls which are part of the Paine Massif, and towards the west by the eroded and low summits of the older Andes. The photography is great at this particular spot. You will be treated with a glass of 'pisco sour' or 'scotch' containing glacier ice of hundreds, possibly thousand years old!
Rhea and chick
January 6: Punta Arenas – Santiago – Connect Home
Depart early this morning for Punta Arenas, flying to Santiago, and connect with your flight home (flight time from Punta Arenas to be announced). The majority of flights to North America depart SCL from 8PM Midnight, landing home the next day.