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We'd love to have you join us!
Sharp-tailed grouse displaying

April 8-14, 2017


Deposit: $500

Airport: Omaha, Nebraska (OMA)

Why Take This Photo Tour With Us?

*We'll have the opportunity to photograph 2 species of grouse--greater prairie chickens and sharp-tailed grouse--on leks.
*We'll have 2 mornings with both leks.
*We'll be staying at the same comfortable ranch (every room has its own bathroom) for the entire photo tour.
*We’ll have a day to get used to our cameras at the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium.

Prairie chicken males
Prairie chickens mating
The grouse species of the prairie, including prairie chickens and sharp-tailed grouse, have some of the most elaborate courtship and mating rituals in the bird world. Every spring the males gather from far and wide, coming to the same patch of ground, the lek, for decades if not centuries. Here the birds display by posturing, dancing, fighting, puffing up their throat sacs and making odd noises in their attempts to show the opposite sex just how magnificent they are. It's kind of like a singles bar for grouse, and few animal behaviors are more fun to photograph.

Finding leks where you can photograph prairie chickens or sharp-tailed grouse is not all that difficult, although you usually have to set up your own blind. Finding a place where you can access both species at their respective leks is tough. However, we've found a place with lots of blind space near 2 different leks. What's more, we'll be staying at a ranch in the country giving us some photo opportunities without even leaving the property.
Sharp-tailed grouse
Sharp-tailed grouse female
Day 1: You will have arrived yesterday. Today we’ll pay your entrance fee and spend the entire day at the the world famous Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium.
Day 2: After breakfast at the motel, we’ll begin our 4-hour trek to the ranch, stopping for lunch (on us) along the way to break up the ride. Arriving at the ranch we’ll get settled, meet our guides and have a nice dinner.
Day 3-5: Early morning at the leks, followed by breakfast.
Day 6: Early morning at a lek, followed by breakfast and drive back to Omaha.

+ Breakfast, dinner, lodging, critique and instruction as needed included.