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Rookery & Photographer


April 7-13, 2019


Deposit: $500

Airport: Orlando, Florida (MCO)

Wading birds put on some of the most elegant displays in the avian world. Their breeding plumage is jaw-droppingly incredible, and it's understandable that people would want to decorate their hats with those feathers. Of course, the chicks are just the opposite--so homely looking they're cute. This is the tour for people who want to photograph the most interesting, most exciting and most colorful time in these birds' lives--courtship and chick rearing.
Tri-colored heron fishing
Purple Gallinule
Some of our sites will literally have hundreds and hundreds of nesting great egrets, snowy egrets, cattle egrets, tri-colored herons, wood storks and even spoonbills. And more importantly, some of these wild birds are nesting so close you could reach in and touch their eggs. We'll spend some quality time at a great blue heron rookery, an anhinga rookery, and we'll have white ibis in breeding colors as well as least bitterns, purple gallinules...heck, there will be more species to photograph than you can point a lens at, although only a few will be as showy as the wading birds. About the only time you won't be pushing a shutter button is while we are traveling between locations.
Great blue herons
Cattle egrest backlit
We'll never travel for more than 2 hours between sites. If you want beautiful portraits, spectacular flight shots, or awesome behavior, this is the tour for you.
Anole with dragonfly